• Diversifying Tech & Media through cool Internships!
  • Diversity is an invitation.  Inclusion is participation.



    Diversity is an invitation.  Inclusion is participation.

  • Adults trained not see race.  Trained to see friends.

    Working together.


    Adults trained not see race.  Trained to see friends.

  • Strong.  Together.

    Strong.  Together.

Get Involved!

all the cool kids are doin' it.

slick trophies and whatnot.

for friendship & peanuts.

keeps our motor runnin'

Our Founders.


Jes and Nick are a mixed race couple who feel like people should get to work where their unique contributions are appreciated.  One day, while working in tech, they looked around and realized that there weren't many women around & there were even fewer minorities.

Jes & Nick decided to change that.  Recognizing that the genesis of a career often begins with a solid internship, they founded Diverse.org to help the best companies to donate internships for award to extraordinarily talented and diverse candidates.

you might want to:

Hear the Podcast 
Hue do you love?

If you know of some smart, interesting guests that we could interview about Diversity & Inclusion, that would be super-duper.  We will interview them.

Hire a Keynote

Smart things said aloud.

If you want to hear Jes & Nick talk more about Diversity & Inclusion in person, let us know!  They can yammer on about it like champs.  

Hire a Coach
Give 'em all ya got!

Believe it or not, there are people out there that have advanced degrees and use their big brains to help big companies and governments hire smart people of various backgrounds to do cool stuff.

Plan a Meetup
Like minded.  Different abled.


Almost everyone likes beer or chips and salsa.  If you put these things in the center of a table, we think you could probably get some people to meet with you and talk about important matters in D&I.


Our 2020 Goals:




Internships Donated


Interns Placed


Podcast Episodes

but wait, there's more...

Internships for All


Ambition knows no age, sex, creed, color or set of standard abilities.  It is human nature to expand one's horizon through the exertion of energy, creativity and effort.  We seek those who understand that talent can be found in unique places and further encouraged into greatness.




Co-Branding with Diverse.org

Are you a CPG company who rightly realizes that your superior product is enjoyed by a multitude of individuals across the globe? 

Show them a little love with a big D!

Meet our Chairperson

Jes is "super awkward, but with a big heart."  

When she was young, her mother, Gerlinde,  forbade her from using the word "weird" when describing another person. 

Everyone had their own "unique" gifts.

"Seems legit." she thought, then started Diverse.org.