Do it.


Sometimes a little bit of peer pressure is a GOOD thing.   Gone are the days where regular folks can bury their heads and choose not to see the injustice and inequality in their daily lives.  We see it on Facebook, we see it on Twitter, in the news and IRL (in real life).  It sucks, but we are choosing to do more than simply complain about it. 

We are choosing to do more than "send prayers" or "think good thoughts." 

Individual Members


We  combat predjudice and inequality through ACTION & OPPORTUNITY.   We are promoting diversity through job placements for under represented people groups at some of the most badass companies in the world.  That's rad.  You can be rad too.  Join us.  


If helping people achieve their dreams isn't enough of a selling point, you get a sick rubber wristband that silently shouts out how zen you are about hiring practices & equal pay.   


It's actually kind of an affordable way to up your street cred at $96 for a Lifetime Membership.   Just input $96 into the donation page, and we'll know what it means.  

Watch for your package in a few days, but update your LinkedIn ASAP.  




Membership is mostly for people who already have a kickass job, but want to support other people in their quest to find their dream jobs.  If you want to help, but don't have any spare clams, volunteer!

Entity Membership

Okay, we are going to make this dead simple for entities to join.  There are three entity membership packages, and they are based upon reported annual revenue:

  • STARTUP (<$100 million)"Hello World!  We are a little company that believed in equality from the start!"  We donate up to 4 internships and a minimum of $1,000 in cold hard cash to annually.  (We don't get dedicated support, but that's cool because we don't really need it yet.)
  • TITAN ($100 million - $1 billion)"Foolish competitors!  Diversity is our secret talent weapon in winning the talent war.  Muah ha ha!"  We donate up to 10 internships and a minimum of $10,000 in cold hard cash to annually.  (We share a intern recruiter  because recruiting diverse candidates is almost a full-time need for us.)
  • UNICORN (>$1 billion)"Nice planet, we'll take it from here and make it way more diverse; thanks."  We donate up to 50 internships and a minimum of $100,000 in cold hard cash to annually.  (We get a intern recruiter exclusively assigned to us because recruiting diverse candidates is a full-time need for us.)

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