Common Questions from Aspiring Interns

OMG. The internship you have listed is literally PERFECT for me!

To be fair, this isn't a question; but, we are excited that you are excited!


That said, let's do some quick math together:


  • We have a tiny team of volunteers & staff.
  • We target 200 - 400 internships per year.  There are quite literally millions of potential applicants.
  • The best applicants are the ones we ALREADY KNOW.  How do we know them?  They've volunteered or started a Meetup in their city or have tried to help us in some way.  Now we can vouch for their initiative!
  • We ask our Entity partners to donate a minimum of TWO (2) of each internship experience if possible.  This way, can award one internship and auction one internship via our partner CharityBuzz.  This way, if you are not awarded the internship directly by, it is possible that you can bid on the auction to win the internship via CharityBuzz.


We look to help those intern candidates who have helped us first, then we widen the net.  Savvy? Great!  Please make sure to check out the Volunteer FAQ if you haven't done so already.

Aw snap! Someone else got awarded that perfect internship. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
How do I know if I am "diverse" enough to qualify for an internship?
Are the internships paid? What about my expenses?
Something came up. I can't do my internship.
How old do I have to be for InternX?
Can I get college credit for this internship?
I've sent you like 5,000 emails. Why no response?