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Get your foot in the door.


Every successful person that you've ever read about had someone take a shot, and pay them to do something before they had any experience being paid to do that thing.  Now, that's a very basic statement, but also a powerful truth.   


So, you're here now; reading these words.  Maybe you are in the school library with your school books stacked next to you, or a coffee shop drinking an overpriced latte, or holed up in your room.  You wonder about the catch-22, chicken-and-the-egg syndrome of needing a job in your industry to get experience, but not having enough experience in your industry to get a job.  


It sucks.  You think "I'll outwork anyone!  I'm smart!  I just need a shot!"


We get it.  That's why we built  Our Chairperson Jes, was in the same exact place that you are in right now.  You can read a quick intro from her here.


The difference is, Jes was a little older than the average intern and had the monetary resources available to her to essentially buy the internships that she needed via a charity auction.  She understands that money is tight for some other people and that's why she is committed to awarding internships to diverse candidates via

You're different?  We're cool with that.


Look.  The entities that donate internships to us are thought-leaders.  They understand that superstars come in all shapes and sizes and they WANT to make sure that opportunity is evenly distributed.


It literally doesn't matter how you self-identify.  The only character traits that we actively discriminate against are laziness and entitlement.  Any thing else that you "are" is all good.


This is the solution that you've been waiting for.  These internships are an excellent way to get the experience you need to launch your career into the stratosphere.


You're in?  You like the idea?  Nice.


Here's the deal.  We are a non-profit, 501c3 company; so, it's tough to get everyone exactly what they want and need.  We are targeting around 200 internships for 2019, so the available opportunity is relatively limited.


Interns aren't just college age people.  They are single mothers, military personnel, retirees and mid-career professionals who are looking to switch industries; so, you have some healthy competition for these roles.


Get your resume placed near the top of the stack for internship experience awards by donating or volunteering.


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