Diversity Winners.

All press isn't good press.


When most of us are made aware of a matter related to Diversity & Inclusion in the media, it's generally put forth in a negative light.  A CEO is ousted for inappropriate comments, a high-ranking manager is accused of creating a hostile work environment, persons of different genders are paid differently for doing identical work.  The conduct itself is outrageous, but the media adds more fuel to the fire and all of a sudden, companies are hiring outside counsel and PR reps to combat catastrophe.


Get out in front of this for your company.  Nothing combats accusations like a solid reputation backstopped by a track record of diversity and inclusion.

So, what are the awards?


We decided to go on the offensive, and create a set of five (5) annual awards to present to companies who show a solid dedication to the tenets of D&I.  Here are the award categories:


  • Top Intern Diversity Program:  which of our Entity partners allocated the most valuable internship slots to Diverse.org?
  • Best Diversity in Advertising:  which of our Entity leveraged their ad spending dollars best to show diversity as the "new norm" in their ads?
  • Elite Donor Class:  when an Entity partners donates an aggregate of $100,000 or more in a single year (in the form of internship experiences, in-kind donations or cash equivalents) they win this coveted award.
  • Most Inclusive:  which of our Entity partners has provided the MOST discounts (tallied in US Dollars) to our membership base?
  • Legendary:  which of our Entity partners achieved scores of 80/100 or higher in the four (4) award categories.  This award is limited to the top three (3) Entity Partners per year.


These awards are proof-positive that your entity is enlightened, and part of the Diversity & Inclusion solution!


We also have awards for our volunteers & individual donors, but those are private matters.  


The trophies.  Ah... the trophies.

Yep.  We got 'em, and our Entity Partners want 'em because they are fancy and look nice in the CEO's trophy case.  

Kidding.  (But not kidding.)

We think our top Entity Partners will be like us: competitive as hell.

Sure, the monetary value of our trophies is like a hundred bucks, and you could go make a bunch of trophies and fill your office with them.  But how self-aggrandizing and silly would that be?

You should want these trophies associated with the Annual Diverse.org Awards not just because you want your entity to win them; but you should want these trophies so your top competitor doesn't win them.

At the end of the day, the harder companies compete for these annual awards, the more diverse our workforce gets through the hiring of super talented candidates from a multitude of backgrounds.

That's the real win.