Sponsor Diversity!

We should totally build something together.

Here's what we are thinking... we like to do business instead of asking for handouts, so what about this: let's make something cool together that the market will like?

Some (very, very) random ideas:

  • Let's do a co-branded product with your logo and our logo and sell them to our enlightened market!
  • Oooh.  What about a fun diversity-inspired event, like a fashion show?  One with colorful clothing and colorful, diverse models?
  • Maybe we could unveil one of your new products together that is intended for a diverse audience?  We think the media might think that was pretty cool.
  • Do you like pizza?  We do.  So do all the cool peeps that put on our Meetups.  Want to send them some pizza?  Beers maybe?
  • I wish we liked golf.  We just aren't very good at it.  So, maybe you could sponsor a croquet tournament with colorful balls and wickets.  (okay.  we suck at croquet also.)
  • We are going to have an annual event.  Probably on a beach.  Probably with vollyball and BBQ.  You could help us firm up these plans and be the sponsor, we will co-brand EVERYTHING.  Lot's of eyeballs and big brains thinking about your company.

Okay.  END BRAINDUMP.  Hopefully this little list has you thinking of some fun ideas of your own?