Volunteer with us!


Be selfishly unselfish.


According to NACE, 1.5 million internships are filled in the United States every year.  Diverse.org is targeting a whopping 200 interns placed in 200 internships for 2019.  Talk about a drop in the bucket!  But, these internships are really, really good ones.  We selectively target entities that are noteworthy, ones that are talked about around dinner tables and around college campuses in hushed tones.  Entities that have mission statements that are otherworldly, and the internal talent to execute upon those mission statements.


The universe congratulates initiative, and we at Diverse.org are no different.  We like to help those who help others, and the highest visibility "help" that an internship applicant can show is volunteering with Diverse.org.  Since Diverse.org is a non-profit, 501c3 company, we need a lot of help to keep the dream alive.


The co-founders of Diverse.org are also the co-founders of bitcoinR, a U.S. Treasury-regulated cryptocurrency; and they pledged some of the XBR cryptocurrency to help kick the Diverse.org project off; but the pledged crypto could go a lot further if it doesn't need to be spent as quickly.  This is where volunteers come in!


Here's a few areas where we could use some help:


  • Social media shares
  • Blogging & vlogging
  • Event volunteers & street teams
  • Video & audio production
  • Legal & accounting
  • Research


Do you have an idea?  We'd love to learn how you'd like to help!

Host a Meetup!  We might buy pizza.

Meetup.com is a great way to get likeminded individuals together in your locale to talk about diversity & inclusion.  We encourage our volunteers to setup a monthly meetup to discuss news & events in the D&I space, we will even provide some topic ideas monthly via email.

Once a month, we will surprise a random Diverse.org city meetup by picking up the tab at the restaurant or venue.  Once a year, the co-founders will fly to a random Diverse.org city meetup and personally pick up the check.

Let us know if you need a little help getting a meetup set up!

Still have questions?